Welcome to RBX Universe!
We'd like to thank you for joining, especially if you're new to our website.

RBX Universe is a fan made ROBLOX website which not only allows you to earn ROBUX whilst using the website, but allows you to interact with more players who are mainly apart of the ROBLOX community.

Is this a scam?
Of course not! You should be able to tell from the amount of effort we have put into this website that we aren't here to try and do anything that'll affect your ROBLOX account!

HOWEVER, we do assure you to be very careful for using websites similar to ours as the majority are scams and I am sure you'd rather stay safe than sorry!

Ha, fake! You can't get ROBUX to my ROBLOX account!
Yes we can, we ask you to join a ROBLOX group once you have enough ROBUX and after you hit redeem to claim your ROBUX the ROBUX will be instantly transferred to your ROBLOX account!

Do I need to give you my ROBLOX password?
NO, NEVER! Please do not ever give anybody the passwords to any of your accounts, not even the ROBLOX team! Passwords should always be kept between yourself and yourself only!

Why do we give out free ROBUX?
Honestly, we don't. The more you use our website, the more we get paid. It's a two way system, you help us and we help you.

Will I get banned on ROBLOX for using this website?
We can assure you that you will NOT get banned for using our forum section of the website and although it is VERY unlikely that you will get banned for using our website to transfer ROBUX to your ROBLOX account - we cannot guarantee you will not get banned for that. This is why on the earn section of the website we put a huge notice to warn you that we are not at all responsible for anything that happens to your ROBLOX account.